Don’t Stop Believin’: The Man, the Band, and the Song that Inspired Generations

By Jonathan Cain

Keyboardist and songwriter with the band Journey, Jonathan Cain writes this long-awaited memoir about his personal story of overcoming and faith, his career with one of the most successful musical groups in history, and the stories behind his greatest hits including “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

When Jonathan Cain and the iconic band Journey were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cain could say he had finally arrived. But Cain’s journey wasn’t always easy – and his true arrival in life had more to do with faith than fame.

Don’t Stop Believin’ is an epic story of one man’s dream that takes you from playing old-country songs at an Italian Deli in Chicago and his experiences with a warm, encouraging father who died too soon, to suddenly writing mega-bestselling songs with some of the most talented musicians and performers ever to take the stage of some of the world’s largest arenas. He tells of the thrilling moments when the music came together and offers an inside look at why Steve Perry left and the extraordinary story of their gifted new vocalist, Arnel Pineda.

Through a wonderful retrospective of music that takes us right to the present, Jonathan Cain reminds us of the melodies and lyrics that serve as milestones for our biggest dreams as they call us to never stop believing.

©2018 Jonathan Cain (P)2018 Zondervan


Listened to this in less than 2 days, and am thankful Jon wrote and voiced his memories.
Dads are vital - I recall my own praying at his bedside.
I'm his age and lived many of the same seasons. I too have often felt God's caring hand in my 68 years, and now feel permission to recall, relive, and live out many of my memories which were capped off, and left sleeping.
This work spoke to me. Showed the value of saying thank you, and you are welcome, and you are forgiven, and you will always be loved by Your Father.
Thanks Jon - hope I can call you that...

Saw God's Hand WorkingAudible

When I saw Jonathan Cain on Fox and heard he had written a book it really peaked my interest to seek his book out on audible. I was not disappointed. In one day of listening, Jonathan told his story, through his story I was able to understand the gift he was given as a song writer. This is a much needed biography of not only Jonathan's life but also a complete picture of Journey's road. Enjoy and savor the array of emotions and memories a talented story teller- songwriter can take you. Well done!

Beautifully written. A full image of the JourneyAudible

This audiobook was just incredible. I'm an 80's rock DJ, and Journey was definitely the soundtrack of my rock years. Jonathan Cain not only takes us through his years with Journey in the latter part of the book, but in the beginning talks about his childhood growing up in Chicago, and even surviving the horrific school fire in 1958 that killed 93 of his classmates and 3 nuns. He brought me to tears while describing what he went through, and hearing it in his own voice was so vivid. He describes always having a relationship with Christ, and how it ebbed and flowed throughout the years and throughout the dissolution of his previous two marriages. How God had him meet his third wife, minister Paula White, is nothing short of redeeming. I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook, and if you're a Journey fan, I think you will, too


Jonathan Cain is a masterful songwriter, and a decent author to boot. This is his first time penning a book and he actually wrote it himself, which is impressive.

Cain is a devout Christian these days and his faith defines the book's point of view. However, he doesn't whitewash his own failings and takes his lumps throughout.
If you are looking for a book of "dirt" about Journey, this isn't it. Not one band member comes out of the book with Cain's bus tire tracks on their backs. He is gracious, respectful and a man clearly grateful for his many blessings. While some might consider Cain's nice-guy approach boring, I found his thankfulness refreshing in a world increasingly filled with rancor


An exceptional book that I found very well written. Cain may seem like just another band member but after reading this, you’ll never think that way about him again.
His admiration and love for Steve Perry and Neal Scion, more than others, comes through in his words. He owns up to his failings and tells multiple stories about all kinds of musicians and famous folks. I think he was quite kind when he probably could’ve told a much juicy story. His telling of his childhood was fascinating and just how talented he is as a musician was obvious.
I had no idea he had written so many of the classic Journey hits!!! I loved hearing about how the words came about to the anthems of my teen years.
I like him but at times he was a bit full of himself.
The one thing that would turn off some reading his book is just how religious he is. He praises God all through the book. It didn’t bother me at all.

Lisa J.Barnes & Noble